Lynn Hawks, MA
Vice President

  • 2006 Outstanding Fundraising Professional, Greater Wichita AFP

Lynn has guided successful campaigns up to $100 million. Hartsook relies on Lynn’s expertise in major gift strategy, executing meaningful and thoughtful development plans, encouraging planned giving as a transformative way to make an impact, collaborative signature events and other aspects of campaign management. In addition to her role at Hartsook, she serves as Managing and Senior Director, Engineering and Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

She was the 2006 Outstanding Fundraising Professional of the Year in Kansas and was featured in an article in the 2007 issue of Advancing Philanthropy. She holds a degree in communication from Wichita State University and a Master of Arts degree from St. Mary’s University.

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Will You Be There When John Shamberg Calls?

A big part of fundraising is showing up and being available. I learned this lesson on a very memorable New Year’s Eve, a very long time ago.

As an eager young fundraiser working for Washburn University, I didn’t know that it was unusual still to be at work in the evening of December 31st. But, there I was.

Earlier that year, a graduate of Washburn University School of Law told me he was going to give a gift of land to his synagogue, a private K-12 school and Washburn. John Shamberg, who has since passed away, made millions of dollars for institutions all over the world, and he wanted to give a significant gift to organizations he valued. His 40 acres of land on the outskirts of Kansas City were valued at $450,000, and his intention was to give $150,000 each to three organizations.

He’d left the task to the last day of the year, but now he was ready to make it happen.

He called the synagogue. No answer.

He called the K-12 school. No answer.

Then, he called Washburn and got me.

“Bob,” he said, “you just won the jackpot!”

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