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Did John Shamberg Call You?

This blog was originally posted in 2010 but still very relevant today.My last blog about John Shamberg’s New Year’s Eve gift of land evoked the greatest response yet.  I received notes and emails from across the country commenting on fundraisers being available on...

Are You Ready for John Shamberg’s Call?

As a fundraiser, part of the deal is showing up.  My clients know that on New Year’s Eve, I call each of them.  If I get them, I offer them my best holiday wishes and cheer.  If I don’t reach them, they get THE LECTURE.Believe me, you don’t want THE LECTURE.Here is...

Fundraising Lessons from a Shuttle Driver

From guest blogger Jeffrey Trimbath, Senior Regional Manager at The Heritage FoundationFor many of us in development, travel is part of our weekly existence.  Like most of you who’ve spent several years in the profession, I’ve been treated to my share of folks working...

If I Could Only Be Jim Tangeman

Who?My life has been like most, built of one influence at a time.  Jim Tangeman is one of those HUGE influences that began 41 years ago when he hired me as Dean of Students at Colby Community College at 21 years of age.  He had just been appointed President of the...

Fundraiser of the Year

I have been so eager to write this blog, I couldn't contain myself.  Some of you know early in 2013 I had been sick with pneumonia, but on the day I had a 103 temperature I got an email from Jim Dawson, the CEO of Truman Medical Center Foundation (Kansas City).  He...

Innovation, Thought, Strategy and Success Everyday

[This is second in my series about one of our client's success stories].Leadership for America is the Heritage Foundation's ten-year campaign theme.   Heritage is the most prominent conservative think tank in the country, and is based in Washington, DC, just blocks...

Let’s Focus on Success

My new resolve for 2013 is to celebrate the success of my/our clients.  As you know, I have a lot of opinions about the challenges that face nonprofits, the fundraising profession and philanthropy.  For me, there isn’t a better way to do this than to celebrate...

Jimmie Alford Dies Suddenly

Our profession has lost one of the leaders of our generation,” said Robert Hartsook, chairman of Hartsook Companies in Kansas City, Mo. He called Alford “a great spirit of professional fundraising who set his mark not only through his personal example, but his...

Hartsook Fellow Appointed By Founding Dean at IU

One of the first acts by Gene Tempel, Founding Dean of the new School of Philanthropy at Indiana University was the appointment of Brittany Miller, a doctoral graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Philanthropic Studies as the first Hartsook Fellow.Brittany is from...

The Most Influential ‘Living Person’ in Philanthropy

Robert F. Hartsook Receives Honorary Doctorate of Business
Plymouth University, United Kingdom

Bob Hartsook was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration by Plymouth University in Plymouth, England. The University described Bob as: “arguably the most influential living person improving the philanthropic donor experience.” Such global affirmation appropriately recognizes Bob and uniquely distinguishes Hartsook as the world’s fundraising counsel.”

Plymouth University honors individuals who have achieved great distinction in their professional lives and who have made contributions to society at large. In recognizing Bob Hartsook’s impressive achievements, the University has highlighted his service to the field of philanthropy, his promotion of academic study and research and his personal commitment to growing philanthropy around the world. Go here to learn more and view videos from this event.

Pictured: Karin Cox, Hartsook Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer; Julian Chaudhuri, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Experience; Bob Hartsook; Adrian Sargeant, Professor of Fundraising at Plymouth University and the Director of the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy; Jen Shang, Philanthropic Psychologist and Director of Research at the University of Plymouth Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy; Matthew J. Beem, Hartsook President and CEO.

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