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"Nobody is giving money away. But every day, millions of dollars are given away to change lives."

- Bob Hartsook,

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Plymouth University U.K.

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The Power of Philanthropy

Matt BeemA guest columnist for The Examiner (Independence, Mo.) newspaper, Matt Beem's column, "The Power of Philanthropy," uses stories to convey simple but powerful messages about philanthropy, fundraising and the power of relationships.

Seasonally and all year, many residents step up to help those in need
December 19, 2015
It's good to be back
February 8, 2014
Reflect on the good in your life
December 14, 2013
Are you reaching others, offering humble service
September 13, 2013
Giving is again up, and those billions help a great deal
June 22, 2013
Independence schools must maintain focus
May 25, 2013
We must come together and find new use for YMCA
April 13, 2013
Local coach knows what matters on course and in life
March 9, 2013
Focus on what you can do to make a difference
December 22, 2012
Those who give much receive much
November 24, 2012
Your giving, large or small, greatly helps
October 27, 2012
Giving helps the Scouts
August 25, 2012
Just a piece of plastic, but it changed our family
August 11, 2012
Charitable giving in upswing
June 23, 2012
Help make Scouting accessible to more kids
June 9, 2012
Barbers and civil discourse
April 14, 2012
Your service matters greatly
March 24, 2012
A good friend will be missed
March 10, 2012
Give, serve, plant seeds
February 11, 2012
Gifts from all my grandparents
January 14, 2012
Joy is a pet made healthy
December 24, 2011
This year we were thankful that we ate
November 26, 2011
There comes a time to run
November 12, 2011
Our zoo deserves support
October 24, 2011
Fostering the habit of giving
September 24, 2011
A waylaid run turned out fine
September 10, 2011
Find a family obsession
August 27, 2011
Good hearts still beat, regardless
August 13, 2011
London, what took you so long?
July 23, 2011
This trail carries boys far
June 25, 2011
A small increase pays big
June 11, 2011
American needs a new czar
May 14, 2011
Racing - for fun and for funding
April 9, 2011
Raising money is hard work
March 26, 2011
KC gives soccer fans rare options
March 12, 2011
You can pass on the giving gene
February 26, 2011
A trip back to where we met and fell in love
January 22, 2011
How do we live out season's true message?
December 25, 2010
Compound your giving
December 11, 2010
Lessons from the long road
November 27, 2010
EJC has bright lights in giving
November 6, 2010
Building homes and shaping lives
October 9, 2010
Good people still giving
September 11, 2010
Unpack your bags and relax
August 14, 2010
Scouting milestones
July 31, 2010
L.I.N.K. Run also links my family
June 26, 2010
KC Zoo and all that Jazzoo
June 5, 2010
Little kids can teach us much
May 22, 2010
Nonprofits seeing uplift?
May 7, 2010
'Tis better to give than... uh, maybe?
April 24, 2010
My rushing comes to a dead stop
April 10, 2010
What makes us generous?
March 13, 2010
Facebook is messing with me
February 27, 2010
It's all downhill from here
February 13, 2010
It really is a small world, after all
January 17, 2010
The biggest week of the year
December 26, 2009
New EJC trail would benefit all
November 28, 2009
Spreading the sunshine
November 14, 2009
Facing challenges in Chile
October 24, 2009
Giving for the right reasons
October 10, 2009
Scouting: a good place to start
September 26, 2009
Fundraisers play important role helping community
September 12, 2009
Every gift doesn't make the headlines
August 8, 2009
It's about the work, not glory
July 25, 2009
One good turn leads to another
July 4, 2009
Wake up and smell the coffee
June 20, 2009
Boy Scouts looking a generation ahead
May 23, 2009
Mother taught life's lessons
May 9, 2009
Young people help out
April 11, 2009
Many here live by giving
March 28, 2009
Don't hit givers the hardest
March 14, 2009
Steady work steady progress
February 28, 2009
Paying it forward has many rewards
February 14, 2009
Its about more than cookies
January 31, 2009
Steady work will pay off
January 17, 2009
Evaluate and stay focused
December 26, 2008
Keep on investing in people
December 12, 2008
We give thanks and give
November 28, 2008
Earning, saving, teaching
November 14, 2008
The vote becomes our voice
November 1, 2008
Cherish your role models
October 18, 2008
Make a habit of philanthropy
October 3, 2008
The need for giving endures
September 20, 2008
Taking a moment to recall and learn
September 6, 2008
Society's sacrifices pay off
August 22, 2008
Teachers help mold our lives
August 9, 2008
Beginning of a great friendship
July 26, 2008
Good deeds are often contagious
July 12, 2008
In time a little can do a lot
June 28, 2008
Fathers set the pattern
June 14, 2008
Leaders mold lives
May 31, 2008
Making friends all over
May 18, 2008
It's about more than home runs
May 3, 2008
Gifts are modest, rewards are great
April 19, 2008

John List, PhD - was presented with the prestigious Growing Philanthropy Award for Applied Fundraising Research by Hartsook President and CEO Matthew J. Beem and Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Karin Cox during the Science of Philanthropy Initiative Conference in Chicago.


John is one of the world's leading experts on experimental economics and the Robert F. Hartsook Visiting Chair in Fundraising, at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Indiana University. He is Chairman of the Department of Economics and Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. He was recognized in The NonProfit Times Power & Influence Top 50 list in 2015 and 2016.


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