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October 9, 2018

Creating Versus Waiting for Opportunities

imageToo many fundraisers wait for opportunity to knock at their door. They assume that if they are fulfilling their mission, donors will hear about the great work they are doing and will want to be supportive.

That can happen, but most of the time we need to be the ones knocking on opportunity’s door. Here are a few tips for pro-active fundraising:

What’s worked in the past?
Make a realistic assessment of your nonprofit’s donor outreach plan. How did your organization’s current major donors become connected? What strategies have been effective and what others have just taken up time and money, but not yielded commensurate returns on the investment?

Have we lost donors and, if so, why?
Are there donors who have given regular gifts or large gifts in the past, who have not given this year? Do you know why? Get a list together, go out and reconnect with lost prospects. Keep your eyes and ears open to learn what happened and then a develop a plan to keep it from ever happening again.

Are you actively cultivating donors now for next year’s gifts?
Keep your donor relationships up to date. Do you know their personal priorities? Do they feel heard and valued? What is that they want? Do you know how the organization can address their desire to make a difference in the world?

As we approach the end of the year, take time to assess what’s worked, reach out to lost donors and invest your time and attention in the ones you have. Don’t wait for fundraising opportunities … make them.

Jason Wood, Senior Vice President, [email protected]


Photo credits: National WWI Museum
and Memorial

Kent Sunderland
President and Trustee
The Sunderland Foundation

Recipient of the

Kent Sunderland was presented with the prestigious Growing Philanthropy Award in Kansas City by Hartsook President and CEO
Matthew J. Beem during National WWI Museum and Memorial’s VIP event, Night at the Tower.

He was nominated by Matthew Naylor, Ph.D., President and CEO of the National WWI Museum and Memorial, and was selected unanimously by Hartsook Institutes and the International Board of Visitors Growing Philanthropy Committee.

Kent was Vice Chairman of Ash Grove Cement prior to its recent sale. As President of The Sunderland Foundation, he has played a significant role in advancing philanthropy with major gifts.

The Growing Philanthropy Award recognizes a distinguished group of individuals and organizations whose efforts increase philanthropy through research, innovation and challenging the status quo. For more information, contact [email protected].