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"Nobody is giving money away. But every day, millions of dollars are given away to change lives."

- Bob Hartsook,

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Plymouth University U.K.

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Fundraising Success.

imageToday, successful fundraising is not simply raising money. Real fundraising success means reaching your full potential. Any organization can attract support. But Hartsook clients are raising the most money.

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Smart. Superior. Strategies.

Your nonprofit organization can raise more money. Over $350 billion was given away last year - 3% more than the year before. Expert, committed and research-based fundraising counsel and management help Hartsook clients get their share.

Advancing fundraising for your organization is our mission - so you can advance your mission.

Hartsook has raised $231 billion and counting for a wide variety of nonprofits - 6,000 worldwide. Contact us now to see how we can help you reach your full potential.

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The Best.

Hartsook is a leader in the fundraising profession, with the only named, endowed chair in fundraising in the world - the Robert F. Hartsook Chair in Fundraising at Indiana University - and Hartsook Institutes for Fundraising, a higher education opportunity for fundraisers.

Karin L. Cox, MFA - Editor January 2017

Through the years, Hartsook has defied the naysayers time and time again. Hartsook has exceeded client goals during the 90's dot com bust… after the September 11, 2001 assault… following the 2008 historic financial crash… and for the last several years of the country's low financial performance. Through it all, Hartsook clients have set records. Year after year, Hartsook fights the headwinds of the nonprofit and fundraising commentators who forecast doom and gloom… and wins. While others say, "Wait and see," Hartsook clients are raising money. This year, and always, remember: "There is no security, there is only opportunity." Go here to learn more. To discover how Hartsook can help your organization, email us at info@hartsookcompanies.com.


Hope Faith Ministries - Missouri

The mission of Hope Faith Ministries (Kansas City) is to share the love of Christ by providing basic human needs including food, clothing, medical and social service intervention. The organization provides meals, nutrition education, and a Community Garden; occupational and situation management; medical assistance; essential services such as financial literacy and life-skills training; housing; transportation; and spiritual support. Hartsook has been enlisted to guide the organization through a pre-campaign study to support its capital goals.

image Wayne Memorial Health Foundation - Pennsylvania

The Wayne Memorial Health Foundation (Honesdale, Pa.) supports the work of the Wayne Memorial Health System. Hartsook has been retained to conduct a study for the Foundation. Wayne Memorial Health Foundation offers mini-grants that support community organizations whose endeavors are focused on injury and disease prevention, as well as the treatment and promotion of good health for residents in the Wayne Memorial Health System service area.


Second Harvest Inland Northwest - Washington State

The mission of Second Harvest Inland Northwest (Spokane, Wash.) is fighting hunger, feeding hope. Second Harvest brings community resources together to feed people in need through empowerment, education and partnerships. The organization distributes nearly two million pounds of food each month to those in need. Its programs are designed to get food to where it is needed most to feed children, families and seniors. The organization has retained Hartsook to advance its fundraising efforts.


National WWI Museum and Memorial - Missouri
The National WWI Museum and Memorial (Kansas City) has extended its contract with Hartsook to advance its goal of educating the world about the Great War and its enduring impact. The Museum's Call to Duty campaign supports new exhibitions and allows the organization to reach more than 10 million children and youth through its educational programming, while ensuring the Memorial remains a beacon of hope to people across the world.


$231 Billion Raised and Counting

For over 30 years, Hartsook Founder and Chairman Bob Hartsook has challenged the status quo, and nobody in the world has had a greater impact on the fundraising profession than Bob. Now, Bob's new book, $231 Billion Raised and Counting, co-authored with Hartsook CEO & President Matt Beem and Senior Executive Vice President & Hartsook Co-Founder Karin Cox, has the potential to influence even more fundraisers in how they view the profession and grow philanthropy. Order your copy here or here to purchase the Kindle edition.


Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy Director: Adrian Sargeant

Dr. Sargeant's upcoming speaking schedule:

Kent, U.K. * February 13, 2017
Understanding Fundraising Conference

Scotland, U.K. * February 20-22, 2017
Alan Clayton Associates
Great Fundraising Masterclass

Washington, D.C. * March 21, 2017
Federal Trade Commission & Nation Association of State Charities
Give & Take: Consumers, Contributions, and Charity Conference

San Francisco * April 30-May 2, 2017
AFP International Fundraising Conference
Successful Fundraising Events: Just What Does It Take to Be Best in Class

Dallas * May 10-12, 2017
Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Conference
Relationship Fundraising 2.0

London * May 23-24, 2017
Third Sector's Annual Fundraising Conference
Thinking Outside the Box: Everything You Wanted to Know about Donor Behavior


Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy: Lucy Lowthian

Lucy Lowthian is a part-time PHD student at the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy focusing on legacy fundraising. Lucy has a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography, a Masters in Public Relations and more recently she completed the full Certificate in Fundraising Management. Lucy has worked in fundraising for over 10 years and is currently the Fundraising Manager for the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust after working for both Macmillan Cancer Support and the British Heart Foundation.


Ask Hartsook!
Do you have a tough fundraising question?
Send your questions to askhartsook@hartsookcompanies.com. We will respond by email and your question may be featured in a future eHartsook on Philanthropy.

QUESTION: We haven't done a major campaign before. We want to make sure we recruit the right person as our campaign chair. Any tips?

Recruiting the right campaign chair is one of the most important components of any campaign. Your campaign chair needs to be known and well-connected since their influence will set the tone for the campaign. And it's not enough for them just to be influential in the community. Make sure, before you place them in the role as campaign chair, that they are willing to use their circle of influence and personally support the campaign with a gift. Start with individuals who have demonstrated an interest in the organization and consider choosing an optimistic leader who will take an active role.

- Hartsook Senior Vice President Ross J. Pfannenstiel


Strategies for Success: Honoring the Donor's Hard-Earned Money

Donors give for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways, and money flows to where it's appreciated. Large gifts may require institutions to stretch their imaginations and step out of their box to accept these gifts. Otherwise, they should expect gifts to flow elsewhere. Go here to read more.


Earn Your Master's in Fundraising Management Online

A tuition grant of up to 33 percent - worth $6,200 - is available for Hartsook clients.

In partnership with the Hartsook Institutes for Fundraising, Avila University (Kansas City) is home to the first-in-the-nation online Master's in Fundraising Management. Nonprofit fundraising requires specialized knowledge and skills that you just won't get from a general non-profit management degree program. Research–based classes created by internationally renowned Dr. Adrian Sargeant, with the support and experience of Hartsook, focus on the science and business of fundraising. Gain the knowledge you need to change the world through fundraising. All courses are available online and classes start every eight weeks. Contact Avila University at advantage@avila.edu to learn more.


Hartsook's Growing Philanthropy Tour

Hartsook speakers are members of the Hartsook team of professional fundraising consultants who have, in their collective careers, raised more than $231 billion and counting in their 300-plus years of experience. Click here to see upcoming Growing Philanthropy Tour presentations. To view a sample of past presentations, click here. To schedule a Hartsook consultant to speak at your conference or organization, email Tammy at tammy@hartsookcompanies.com.


Hartsook Serves Nonprofits From Every Sector and Around the World

Whether a nonprofit is undergoing a multi-million dollar campaign or needs help growing its giving potential, Hartsook is committed to its clients' fundraising success. Hartsook clients represent a diverse group of nonprofits from a wide variety of sectors: education, healthcare, performing arts, social services, religious organizations, policy think tanks, assisted living, and many others. You can view a list of recent Hartsook clients here.


Looking for a Rewarding Career?

Hartsook Companies, Inc. expects to attract at least one hundred new fundraising managers over the next 36 months. Onsite fundraising managers will be deployed to projects throughout the United States and eventually in Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa, Asia and elsewhere. Hartsook is beginning the process of attracting those interested in joining the world's largest fundraising consulting practice. Placements will support fundraising for visual and performing arts, education, youth development, safety net, healthcare and international engagement organizations. If you are interested in learning more, contact Danny Kohrs, Vice President of Operations at dkohrs@hartsookcompanies.com.

If you'd like a free subscription to eHartsook on Philanthropy - or its companion publication, the free, bi-weekly Strategies for Success, contact Tammy Weinman, tammy@hartsookcompanies.com or 866.630.8500 ext. 8225.

A Post-Election
Message from
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"There is no security,
there is only opportunity."

Because I know many around us are engaged in the election, and there is going to be a reaction about change, I want you to know you are in good hands. Your mission was important before, and it is important now. Through the years, Hartsook has defied the naysayers time and time again. Read more.

Year after year, Hartsook fights the headwinds of the fundraising and nonprofit commentators who forecast doom and gloom... and wins.

Now is the opportunity to exceed goals! To discover what Hartsook can do for your organization email us.

Earn a nationally respected degree ONLINE and in your own time. Visit avila.edu/fundraising to learn more and enroll.

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